Tuesday, October 28, 2014

13 Halloween Movies I Can't Live Without

Recently something is going around Facebook statuses: Name the 15 movies you would pick if you could ONLY watch those 15 movies over and over again for the rest of your life.

Now, to a movie lover/critic/obsessor/fangirl, this seems like the cruelest trick of all.  How could you limit me so?

It just isn't fair!

I told this to my clone, and she said "Well, go by genre then. Tell us the 15 chick flicks you could watch again and again...or Disney. Piece by piece because we all know you can't survive with just 15 movies for the rest of your life."

So that's what I'm doing.

In honor of Halloween, I now present you with (in no particular order)

The 13 Halloween Movies I Can't Live Without:

  • 1,2, and 3 - Scream Trilogy  What can be said here? Only that it's by far my favorite (and in my biased opinion, the BEST) horror trilogy of all time. I'm sure horror fanatics will argue, but the thing is, the humor, story structure, and thrill factor of this trilogy will long be my favorite.  Sydney Prescott, I'm here for you girl, please don't run up those stairs.  She's such a badass. Scream GIF montage!

  • 4 - Halloweentown - This is one of those Disney Channel Original movies that, if you didn't grow up with it, will be cheesy and worthless to you.  However, to those in my generation, this puppy was a Halloween staple.  Who didn't want to find out you were secretly a witch with powers and there was a magical town out there with people just like you!

  • 5 - Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge.  Unlike the two other movies that followed this installment (which you will NOT find on this list), this was a well-made (for a DCOM) sequel to something I already loved. Plus Kal was cute and so was Luke even when he wasn't human. Holla!
  • 6 - Under Wraps.  By now you'll notice a trend. I'm not super into horror movies, but I love Halloween.  This leads me to another DCOM with heart and humor. A bunch of kids find a mummy and have to get him back to his sarcophagus before midnight on Halloween? Let's do this!

  • 7 - Tower of Terror.  I promise, this is my last DCOM.  Tower of Terror was inspired by the ride in Disney World (and now Disney California Adventures).  Back in Steve Guttenberg's hay day with a young Kirsten Dunst, this movie was perfectly creepy (thanks to obsessive old lady who killed her sister) and still Disney fun.

  • 8 - Halloween.  It's in the name for Pete's sake!  For the record I'm referencing the original.  I don't completely love the remake. It's not bad, it's just...a bit dull.  Anyway, the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis is classic 70-80s creepy with a slice of "The Rules" that I love so much from the Scream trilogy.  Seriously, guys...don't mess with Michael Meyers.

  • 9 - Hocus Pocus. BY FAR one of my favorites. Oh man. What's not to love about the Sisters from Salem?  "I've always wanted a child. I think I'll have one....ON TOAST!"  Such a quotable movie and so fantastic. I need to watch it. Now. 'Scuse me while I go on another GIF binge montage. 

  • 10 - Young Frankenstein. Frankenstein is ALWAYS a Halloween deal. Young Frankenstein is HILARIOUS! Seriously. Have you seen the funny? Put. The Candle. Back.

  • 11 - Practical Magic. While not technically a Halloween movie, witches abound in this Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman wonder.  I love this chick-flick-meets-magic.

  • 12 - Corpse Bride. It's about time I got to Tim Burton, right?  The Corpse Bride is an odd delight. 

  • 13 - Nightmare Before Christmas. It had to be lucky number 13.  While half the time I can't tell if it's a Halloween movie or a Christmas one, this movie can just hit the spot!

Now, what is YOUR favorite Halloween movie?

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S. R. Karfelt said...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.