Friday, December 19, 2014

The Twelve Christmas Movies I Can't Live Without

Halloween has come and gone, and now it's Christmas time!  In honor of the famous song, I'm picking TWELVE Christmas movies that I can't live without.

They are in no particular order, but I just need them.

1. While You Were Sleeping

  • Okay so maybe these aren't in any particular order, but out of all the movies I love for Christmas, this is the one I love and will watch at any given moment of any given day. I've never felt like "nah, not that one."  It's one of my all time favorite movies.

2. The Holiday

  • My favorite Kate Winslet and Jack Black movie...and probably Cameron Diaz movie...and probably Jude Law movie.  Seriously. I just love this movie.  While the Cam and Jude storyline isn't all that awesome to me, Mr. Black and Ms. Winslet steal my heart away. And who can get over that adorable little old man? 

3. Love Actually
  • One of the first of its kind - long before America made Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve (which should never have happened. Bad job, y'all. That thing was boring. V-Day wasn't terrible).
  • Love Actually is very engaging. It gives you a taste of everything - naughty, nice, political, sweet, hot, love fought for, and love abandoned. 
  • Also it has almost all of my favorite British actors in it.

 4. Scrooged
  • Guys, Bill Murray just gets me. The Christmas Carol in modern (early 90s) day New York?! Fantastic! And he's so funny. My family quotes this movie.

5. Miracle on 34th Street (the original)
  • No offense to little Matilda and her version, but the original is where this story is at. 

6. Santa Clause is Coming to Town
  • ♫Put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking 'cross the floooooor!
  • Family movie. We watch (and sing) every Christmas Eve.

7. The Grinch (both version)
  • If you don't love the Grinch I feel bad for you. I'm guessing there's some sadness in your life. Or maybe you're too grown up.  What a pity. 

 8. A Princess for Christmas (Cheesy Hallmark but I love it)
  • I think ONE hallmark movie had to make the list.  I love Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan together. Both are great actors, though the writing for this movie doesn't exactly showcase that. It's cute, it's sweet, it's predictable...everything you need when you want to be cheered up or to just chill.

9. Christmas Vacation
  • "What's that sound? You hear it? It's a funny
    squeaky sound."
  • "Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah."
  • "She'll see it later, Clark. Her eyes are frozen."

 10. Meet Me in St. Louis
  • A movie that spans more than Christmas but has one of my favorite Christmas songs ever - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

 11. Elf
  • Seriously, when it comes to Christmas spirit I AM Buddy the Elf. Also it's hilarious. And I have a Jovie Costume. 

 12. A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart's version)
  • Bah Humbug! You knew one had to make the list (two, with Scrooged). Patrick Stewart is amazing as the curmudgeonly old Scrooge, and he steals my heart away with the story.

They didn't have a GIF of the movie so I am giving you one of Sir Patrick being adorable.

Honorable Mentions:
  • The Santa Clause, because we all love Tim Allen and his portrayal of the guy in the red suit.
  • A Diva's Christmas Carol. Ebony Scrooge is a punk and that's why we love her. "I had no idea Tim was sick!" "You had no idea his name was Tim." 

  • Sleepless in Seattle - this one gets mentioned because it's *kind of* Christmasy in that it starts's just not Christmasy enough. Still, I enjoy it.

  • Bridget Jones' Diary - Because seeing Mr. Darcy in an ugly sweater is hilarious. And I love when they fight.

  • Home Alone. How could I not honor that here?

  • Last but DEFINITELY not least, Die Hard. (You forgot that was a Christmas movie, didn't you?)