Welcome to Life Unpublished.  For being a writer, I never feel the best with words when greeting someone at my page.
Pull up a chair, relax, read some ramblings and win a monkey. That's how we do it here - it's safe as long as you don't get lost. My mind is a maze and I can't promise you'll be able to find your way out.
I'm always open to suggestions and new friends - so talk to me! And if you have time, visit my website.
I'm glad you're here. Sit back and stay awhile.


Megan Reyes said...

Hey Kelsey,

So... umm... I hope this isn't weird, but I'm participating in Krista's "Agent Inbox" Contest (post #14--whoop! whoop!) and I noticed your comments were consistently AWESOME so I wanted to check out your blog! Your blog led me to your webpage where I found "MONSTROSITY"... since I'd JUST read Entry #17, I obviously put the two together.

Anyway, I LOVED your query and first 250 words! **fist bump to you** As I said in the comments, I was super drawn to Christopher's character. I was hoping you might have sample pages on your website, but no such luck. :oP

Anyway, I feel kind of stalkerish finding your blog and everything (#OfficialFangirl!), but I just wanted you to know I thought your story sounds wonderful and wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK!

When you do land an agent and get published, I will be one of the first to buy MONSTROSITY! :)

By the way, I JUST started my blog a few weeks ago. It is like a ghost town. I would be honored if you stopped by and gave me some pointers (I notice you have quite a few followers on your blog--do tell your secret! haha)


Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Welcome Megan!! I'm headed to your blog now :)