Monday, November 25, 2013

Torn - Prizes Galore

Have you ever been so excited about a book? Like the kind of - oh hey, I just read this book and you should ALL read this book?

Today, a book like that releases.  I was lucky enough to get an ARC and ate it up. It's quick, it's fun, it's good.  So, if you like Young Adult Science Fantasy (flavored with some good ol' romance and action), then you will enjoy THE TORN, book one in the Holding Kate series. For those of you who eat up love'll have to tell me if you are Pro Corey, or pro Trip. Just know if you pick Trip we can't be friends anymore.

Now, you know I don't talk a lot about books on my blog (excption being those I enjoy most - like WARRIOR OF THE AGES), so then there must be something to this, right?

Especially since you can win a mondo prize (that I intend to win, thank you very much).

Without further ado, the book blurb:
Abducted to exotic worlds in quantum spheres, a 16 year old beauty, Kate Wilson, and a team of teen misfits confront inner monsters and demons brought to life by quantum science. Dragons, aliens, sentient tornados, and tree dwelling natives terrorize them as they fight for survival on strange planets and other worlds, and struggle to overcome emotional turmoil and mental illness. Kate is torn between sizzling passion and loyal stability, when two very different boys vie for her attentions. Trapped between self-loathing and independence, Kate must choose to live with horrifying consequences or kill the monster who loves her. A romantic thriller with action packed adventure, passion, science fiction and fantasy overtones for young adult readers of all ages.

Click here to buy the book! 

What is it you were meant to collect, you may wonder...having been sent here to get all the goods.


Now riddle me this:

The sphere has landed! Welcome to the next jump in the adventure. Leave a comment on this page and collect the item for your survival pack.

Take this item with you, write it down or copy/paste into a doc: In The Torn, there is a love triangle. What are the names of the boys involved?

Screeeeech! The sphere is coming! Your next stop is:

If this was your first and now is your last stop, go to where The Torn release party is going on! Enter all of your answers into a comment under the pinned post, Falling Spheres, for a chance to win the Grand Prize package.


Katie Cross said...

I'm team Tripp.

That's all.

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Oh Katie...I'll look past this fault of yours. Just because I love you.
There can't be a Team Tripp (This is why I hate love triangles!!!) It's all about Corey.

DM Kilgore said...

As soon as I get to read The Torn, I'll let you know! =D

Bailey Karfelt said...

As I have not read this yet...I will say I am Team GALE!