Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sleep Deprivation

There is such a thing as taking on too much.  I did it in my job once, and it was a miracle everything didn't come crashing down on me.

I did it again. (ha ha!)

This week I've been working full time, house sitting, kid sitting (for a DIFFERENT house), pet sitting, working odd hours, and entering contests among my normal appointments and meetings.

For those who are curious in these things, that means:
  • Seven pets (Two ferrets, two chinchillas, one dog, one cat, and one fish).
  • Four kids (17, 15, 12, and 9 years of age).
  • Two houses (on opposite sides of town).
  • Two jobs (Mine and playing "mom").
  • Several contests.
Any one of the "projects" I've taken on could be (and are) time consuming.  Here's what happens when you take them all on at once (parents have been laughing at me all week):

  • You start strong, taking the kids out for a day of fun.
  • You (wisely) bring your animal loving mother along with you to care for the Pet-House...she helps you do all the work (i.e. does most of it while you weep thankfully).
  • Because of an unforeseen circumstance, you end up working from 1am-3am, up again at 6am to get ready for work.
  • Zoning out becomes something of a professional talent. Your coworkers notice.
  • Juggling a full time job and four kids, something you didn't have last week, is not an easy adjustment.
  • The kids complain of boredom.
  • You learn you aren't the type to concern yourself with entertaining them if they're bored.
  • They huff off grumpily.
  • You go read a book.
  • You realize you need to promote YOUR book and get an agent (or go Indie)
  • You enter contests. Plural, because they all happen at once.
  • The houses your sitting need to be cleaned far more often than you have to do at home.
  • You're once again extremely thankful for your mother.
  • You tell her that regularly during the week of babysitting.
  • People stare because you won't stop hugging your mother in public, not wanting to let go.
  • You understand that while you want to be a mother someday, today is not that day.
  • Suddenly you're extremely thankful that you're single.
  • You realize if Brant asks you out, you'll be okay NOT being single (for the record).
  • You start daydreaming about Brant.
  • When you come back to earth, you're getting weird looks from the 9yo who has asked you the same question twice and you've yet to respond.
  • You tell him you prefer Cupid & Psyche to Perseus.
  • You realize this is the coolest 9yo ever.
  • Now you can't stop thinking about Greek myths.
  • Sleep has become a thing of the past.
  • You begin to wonder how people had kids when there was nothing to do - like in Pride & Prejudice.
  • You realize you don't know how to sew or mend like those girls did.
  • You suddenly have an urge to walk to Merryton.
  • Alas, realizing there is no Merryton, you decide to write a blog instead.
  • You run out of things to put in the bullet points as you've just alerted yourself to why you're writing the blog.
  • The kids want dinner.
Sometimes you just need a good laugh

Random, very little sense above here. My brain is firing in all different directions, and you just got your share of the madness that is my week.

What's the craziest week you've ever had? Do share. I could use the group therapy :)

These kids are awesome, for the record. Super good. Just not mine, and I am not theirs. Makes for some clashing along the way.  However, they're delights, but we're all looking forward to the return of their parents.

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Megan Reyes said...

First of all—ferrets? I live in CA and ferrets are illegal, but they seem so awesome! What are they like to care for? I imagine them sitting on your shoulder all cute, like a little side-kick. Which is… umm… weird. Not sure why I think that.

Yay for moms! Seriously, they are awesome.

Kids. Are. Hard. I teach kindergarten and I also have two tiny boys of my own, and I know they are exhausting… sucking out all of your energy, and the crazy thing is the more drained you are, the more energy they seem to have. Bleh. I loved your comment about having kids during Austen’s time. The movies really do make it seem like people (especially women) just sat around all day on fancy furniture. Haha.

Brant? Who is this Brant fellow? :o)

I’d LOVE to hear more of your thoughts about going Indie. I’ve been seriously considering this also. I’m in the middle of querying (this is my second round for this manuscript) and I’m thinking if I don’t get any agents interested (I've had a few partial requests, but that's it so far), then I’m probably going to try the Amazon eBook thing.

Okay, my craziest week ever… well, this was actually a three-month period, but I hope it counts. In Sep2008, I was offered a VERY last-minute teaching job (like the day before school started) so I was thrown into my first year teaching. I was going to college still, so I’d leave from work (my classroom was NEVER clean) asap then head to school, where I’d stay until 9 or 10. I was going to be getting married in December, so I was also planning my wedding during all of this and trying to spend quality time with my fiancé. Wow, it was a CRAZY time. I really don’t know how I did it. I’m sure I didn’t do any of it very well, that’s for sure.

Hang in there—hopefully this season will pass soon!