Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cube life with my Dark Passenger

There are those days in which "cube life" becomes a bit stifling.  Even working in a place such as the one I work, there are bound to be days of annoyance and frustration.  It is common to come across an individual walking the campus--taking a  "frustration walk".
I had to take one of these today.  They really do help.  However, on days when a walk is unable to be jammed into my schedule, I have another method of relieving my aggravation.

His name is Dexter.

                                                                                                     ^I decorate for Christmas!^

Dexter sits on my desk, and he is watching me type this very moment.  The wicked little smile on his bobbling head always manages to bring a smile to my own.  He's the type of guy that, when you need someone to understand you, I need only to tap his head to have him nod in understanding.
Perhaps it's the writer in me that appreciates his one hand holding a knife, the other--a garbage bag.

He nods at me now, knowing how his tools help my creative mind write what needs to be written.  Dexter knows that sometimes, shtuff happens.  I was once advised to do something drastic when I get stuck in a story.  Dexter's favorite thing to do is kill someone off, but that is not always the case.  Still, he does remind me that drastic is sometimes necessary.

And when I'm not writing?  Well, Dexter can help then, too.  His over-sized head and lovely little face can bring the darkened emotions right out of me.  Who can be angry when gazing upon my sweet little friend?
I've received quite a lot of compliments from coworkers on my little bobble, and he often has visitors.

This random blog is my tribute to him, made timely by the season finale greeting all of his fans this Sunday.  It's been quite a ride, and while I'll be sad to see the show over for another year, I have the comfort of returning to my Dexter on Monday.

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