Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Music of Mumford Mixed with Mayhem

Babel is here.  Yes, Babel.

I've listened through a few times already...and by a few I mean I have it on repeat at my desk today...all day.

With the exception of having to buy it twice because iTunes is being a big fat jerk (which hopefully will be remedied by my email conversation with Apple support people), I could not be more pleased with my choice.

Any who participated in last Friday's final day of the Asylum Party will know that Mumford & Sons are my favorite band - beyond favorite.  I love them with everything in me.  They are one of the few bands I can sit and listen to a whole CD all the way through and love every song.

Most bands I love tend to have that song (or two) I just don't like that much.  But not Mumford.  Those guys have magic in their fingers and vocal cords.  Cords.  Not chords...chords would be a funny pun.

I'm writing this blog because I want to avoid what's coming....

It's a busy time over here in the Asylum, or rather right outside of it.  I'm excited for a pair of my closest friends to be getting married, but we all know it's going to be work to get to the actual ceremony.  On top of that, a Murder Mystery night I wrote will be going on this weekend for a youth event.  Can you catch the killer?  Because the name of the game is murder...

The Bride and Me last November goofing off

A lot of prep work is going into both events, and both piggy back through the weekend.  Do you ever reach those times when you have so much going on that your brain shuts down and you stop functioning?  You have plenty to do, but no longer have the motivation to do it?  That's where I am.

Ah, Marcus Mumford.  He soothes my soul.  I highly suggest listening to the album.  These boys are fantastic.

When you have beautiful music and an overloaded schedule, I think the best thing to do is stop and appreciate the music.  Eventually you have to take a deep breath, pick yourself up, and move forward with your to-do list.  But for the time being, I'm going to mellow out to Mumford and focus solely on my day job. The rest of insanity can wait until the night.

Tell me about your busy schedules.  Or tell me about the music you mellow out to.  Either way, I'm here to listen :)


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Garrett Heide said...

There are times that I have to do the same thing: sit back and listen. My favorite artist--Cloudkicker--does for me the same thing that Mumford & Sons does for you (I mentioned him last week at one point). I'll be scribbling away at homework or drowning myself in required readings and, before I even know what hits me, I have eyes closed and world shut out as Cloudkicker drags me back in. Fantastic place to be, to be sure!

Chad Flohr said...

Haven't heard the new album yet but I can't wait!

Caleb Scotson said...

I can empathize with the feeling of your brain shutting down when busy times show up. Luckily for me my load of work does not require a fully functioning brain all the time. I am trying to plant grass and shrubs before the Montana cold shows up and that adds up to a lot of physical work. Luckily I shut of my brain when I am simply digging a hole... but then I must wake it back up in order to plan and do things right so I don't simply end up killing a bunch of innocent greenery and make a mess of the parking lot.... that is the challenging part. Off I go to dig another hole!

Jill said...

Not going to lie- Mumford & Sons is my go-to band for every mood/feeling. Working full time and going to school full time makes music a necessity for sure. It makes me so sad when people don't understand how awesome they are.

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Garrett, I do recall your post about Cloudkicker. I certainly love a good band that can make life better :)

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Chad - you will love the new album!

Caleb - That post made me laugh, thanks! Sometimes I wish I was back on maintenance and working more physically than mentally while cleaning doors.

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Jill - I completely agree! It's crazy to think people don't like them.

I don't get those people. Maybe they are tone deaf and don't know 'perfection' when they hear it?

Anonymous said...

So for a busy schedule, for our house, the only real chill time is Sunday afternoons and somehow those seem to get taken up too. Kids are doing stuff every day of the week, Saturdays are busy and Sundays are church and such until about 1. We don't mind it though but every now and then, like tomorrow is supposed to be rain all day, it's nice to just have a pajama day.

Music-wise, I chill to a lot of Gregorian chant stuff, Chill techno kind of stuff. Band-wise, U2, Coldplay and Ray LaMontagne are my go-to. But I've only heard a smattering of Mumford and Sons. Kelsey, in your honor, I will use my gift card (compliments of the Kelsey-Not-Near-Plain-and Certainly-Not-Simple) to buy my first Mumford and Sons album.

Now, I just need all you fine folks to tell me which I should buy. What is the requisite M&S album?

Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt said...

(Rob - Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More")

Kelsey - Luving on The Black Keys & The Lumineers lately.
Busy Schedule? I realized tonight I've written two entire novels this year, plus 1/3 of another - which I outlined. Plus blogs and Flash Fiction and contests I've entered and proposals and queries. Oh, and I'm business manager for a photonics company and I can't believe they haven't fired me. My house is 3rd degree trashed with laundry I'm learning to overlook. I'm thinking about taking a big fat chocolate cake and going to hide in my secret hiding place for a couple of days.* Wanna come?

*Thank you for listening to my whining rant. I love my life. Just need a house elf and that chocolate cake.