Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bookworms - This one is for you

I would call it a given, but that might be presumptuous.


If I could give up eating or sleeping in order to have more time reading (and writing), I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the body requires both nutritional sustenance and sleep in order to function.

But if it didn’t…oh how I would spend my time.

In honor of my love for books, I am giving away a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card. This can be used for Nook, in store, OR (for those of you who don’t have one near you) for online shopping.

Now books. Books I could discuss forever. I can say I have favorites, but they are per category. Favorite series: Harry Potter (duh), but I can’t pick which book is my favorite because I argue with myself. That is really the only area I can be definitive. Everything else is just loved. Favorite unpublished book? BLANK. Don’t ask. Don’t tell…just buy when you see it hit shelves (I’ll let you know. It’s amazing. Love S. Karfelt).

I’m currently reading Damsel Under Stress by Shanna Swendson (great read) while simultaneously listening to Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen, which was lent to me by my lovely coworker Owen (who should be called lovely more often).  


I feel if I start I could go too long. So maybe I had better just stop now. Remember, I’m on a business trip, and there are other things begging for my time. That being said, I think YOU should tell me something about YOUR favorite book…author…series…

You know what, just tell me about your current or latest read. I think that will suffice for your comment. Put your name into the hat for your $15 Barnes and Noble gift card!

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Will Kelly said...

I'm currently reading many books (due to ordination), but one that I am reading "on the side" is The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler. It's a great book so far- rather convicting! When it comes to true recreational reading, I love anything Dekker or Peretti, though! :)

Bridgette said...

I get to read and get paid for it...kind of. :) (Don't get too jealous just involves work) I'm a book editor. And since I'm also working on my WIP I've put off reading the books I REALLY want to read until I'm done with my WIP (fingers crossed...end of October). I won't lie though...when Nalini Singh's "Angel's Storm" came out last week...I read the first chapter, then FORCED myself to put it down. I'd have been up all night until I was done with it. That's my problem...I don't know HOW to read a few chapters at a time. If a book is interesting to me and pulls me in...I'm reading it until I'm done. Forget cooking, writing, acknowledging other people exist...because they don't until I'm finished with my book. :)

Chad Flohr said...

I just finished last night a book entitled "The Shadow of the Wind" by a spanish writer. It was translated to english and while it wasn't my favorite read ever, I did enjoy the twists and turns as well as the character development. Every book I finish pushes me to keep writing!

Call Me Heretic said...

Deadfall by Robert Liparulo (You may have heard of him :P)

Rob H said...

I figured out the other day that I have enough books that if I read 24 books a year, I wouldn't run out of new books to read for 7 years (at least). Yeah, it's a problem. Hello, my name is Rob and I'm a bookoholic.

Right now I'm reading "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs. So far, very good. Cool format that includes actual photos and notes within the story.

Stephanie Rae Pazicni said...

Hello Rob. Welcome. *murmurs of understanding to fellow bookaholic*

Rachelle Rediger said...

I am currently reading (as of yesterday) "Matched" by Ally Condie. I'm only 50 pages in, but I like it so far. Interesting story hook can I have heard great things about it.

Rob, I have been wanting to read "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" let me know what you think when your finished.

Donna Michelle said...


I'm reading more than one at a time:

For school: The Indiana Torture Slaying: Sylvia Likens Torture and Death by J. Dean and Women Who Kill by RJ Parker

For Homeschool:

Simply Homeschool by Karen DeBeus

Homeschool Reading Studies:

The Magic Treehouse Series

The Chronicles of Narnia

For spirit and soul:

Jesus Calling- Sarah Young

Flirting With The Forbidden- Steven James

For Fun:

Two Seconds Late - Eric Wilson

Don't Say A Word- Beverly Barton

For writing:

The Plot Whisperer- Martha Alderson

Beta Reading:

Circled Bow- Jose-Miguel ;)


Havah- Tosca Lee
Deadlock- Robert Liparulo
Opening Moves- Steven James
Boneman's Daughter- Ted Dekker
October Baby- Eric Wilson
The Hunger Games Trilogy- Collins


Deadfall by Robert Liparulo

Did I mention I'm a bookworm? Like uber bookworm. Some girls like shoes... I like books. =D

Stephanie Rae Pazicni said...

Kelsey - Seriously, when you start talking favorite books I get so wound up. There are so many! It is like choosing a favorite child! Luved Water for Elephants btw, delightful.
You just rocked my world with the comments on this blog about BLANK btw. You totally get a free autographed copy someday. Really. I wrote it down.
Reading John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany: A Novel (You know the book the movie Simon Birch came from.) Super good.
Luuuuved Outlander by Diana Gabaldon for swoon-worthiness novel.
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger - just brilliant - and nothing like the chick flicky movie. Adored HP - read it several times. The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. Tosca Lee, Dekker, Robert Liparulo. So many good books.
Shall I continue? If we start talking older books like The Red Badge of Courage or Quo Vadis I could stay here forever. I simply love books. Loving reading unpubbed books by other writers too. Favorite this year, hands down, Monstrosity, and I'm not just embracing a group hug here. I mean that.
Wait. What was the question? Cheers.

Caleb Scotson said...

When it comes to reading I am kinda strange. I start reluctantly then can't stop reading.... Every book that I finished I have loved every bit of and to my recollection I started all of them with difficulty. I remember in high school I borrowed THE KING'S BUCCANEER by Raymond E. Feist at the last minute from a friend so I had a book during a required 20min reading in English class. After that one class I almost stole the book so I could finish it and ended up hounding my friend every week so I could read that book in class.

I also can not pick a favorite book or series but some I have read and love are THE CIRCLE TRILOGY by Ted Dekker, THE JARASSIC PARK series by Michael Crichton, THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins, and naturally HARRY POTTER by J.K. Rowling. I will admit I listen to the audio book of Harry Potter and have not read the books themselves.

I am curantly reading IMMANUEL'S VEINS by Ted Dekker and I am enjoying it immensely. Ok, im done now...

Caleb Scotson said...

Oh and were is that library picture from? That place is incredible with the blue second floor!

Stephanie Rae Pazicni said...

PS - Donna - Books & shoes are not mutually exclusive. You wear those shoes while you read.

Donna Michelle said...

Hahha Good point Stephanie... but if I only have money for one or the other...

My money is on the books. ;) LOL

LaDonna Cole said...

I just finished the Advanced Reader's Copy of Guardian by Heather Burch! She did it again! Amazing Read! Gobbled it up in a few hours. The first page had me giggling out loud. The last sentence, I shut the book and said "OH NO! I have to wait for the next one!"

Bailey Karfelt said...

One of my favorite books to re-read is called Mistaken Identity. It's one of those novels that, like Outlander, has no specified genre, maybe a young adult urban fantasy, but with lots of humor, mystery, time-travel, love, history, folklore, etc. The concept is a parallel universe that is being ruled by a female dynasty belonging to our universe. Historically the ruler has always descended from one family, but a teenage girl that was born, orphaned and adopted on the same day suddenly finds herself coexisting in two worlds, waking up in one to lead a kingdom to war, and in the other to attend high school. The story follows her co-existence and ensuing struggles as she attempts to figure out what the heck is going on :)

Unfortunately, the story doesn't have a satisfactory ending. Probably because Abi and I never finished writing it. And since we started writing it 9 years ago, we're no longer sure what was supposed to happen next. Talk about anti-climatic.

Linnette R Mullin said...

I love Linda Nichols! She has a unique gift of delving into and extracting complexities of her characters. "At the Scent of Water" is one of my all time favorites!

Robin Harnist said...

Hmm....favorite books....varies.
Unpublished: LaDonna Cole's books (Heartwork Village is amazing)
Published: Hmmm...too many to really count. Ted Dekker's Show Down and Circle Saga, Tosca Lee's Demon and Havah, Robert Liparulo's Thirteenth Tribe, Steven James's Bower series. Liz Curtis Higgs Thorn in my Heart series, and so many more.

Veritas Vale said...

Published Series: the Patrick Bowers Files [Pawn, Rook, Knight Bishop, etc] by Steven James.
Steven James is the only author to ever come close to usurping Ted Dekker as my favorite author [and I'm thinking he may end up holding that honor after all].

Published Stand-alone: The Promises She Keeps by Erin Healy. Seriously, it's a phenomenol book. Extremely original to the point that I have never read anything like it. If I had to compare it, though, the name L'Engle comes to mind.

Unpublished: The Slayer & the Sphinx by Adam Bolander

Unfortunately, my current reading experience is extremely spattered, in that I only get to read a few pages every once in a while and switch books often, so little reading is actually done. Currently, I'm working on "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Sex, Drugs, And Cocoa Puffs".

Jill said...

I've been reading a lot of books that deal with children. I've read "A Child Called It" and the books that follow but my favorite two books (other than my criminal procedure books) to date are ROOM by Emma Donoghue and Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Elsie Wilson said...

Favourite? Usually the one i just finished, or the one i'm in right now (using "one" in the loosest possible sense, it's often up to a dozen active at once). So, enjoyable at the moment..."The Lost World", Conan Doyle; "England in the Age of Reform", Llewellyn Woodward; "Warrior of the Ages", Pazicni; "Odd John", Stapledon; too many more.

Favourite authors...John Wyndham, C.S.Forester, William Faulkner, Tom Sharpe...i could go on.

Series...Narnia, Harry Potter, Oxford History of England...

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

And after finally getting my random generator going...Linnette Mullin is the winner!!!

Send me your info Linnette so I can mail you your gift card!!

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