Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coffee in the Blood - The Party Continues

There are those of you out there who love your coffee.  It's addictive, tasty*, and energizing.  To honor humanity's love for coffee, today the giveaway starts with a $10 Gift Card to Starbucks.

I recall a recent moment when I showed up for work and made my way towards the large staircase leading to our offices.  Up above me, one of my more favored coworkers was already shuffling along on the second level.  I called out to Bill and bid him good morning.

--And here I must stop in my narrative to tell you an awful truth about myself: I....am a morning person.  Don't get my wrong, I love my sleep and would stay up late if I didn't work at 8:00am on the dot...but I can't help but be more on the awake and chipper side first thing in the morning, much to the chagrin of my mother.--

Back to Bill. Bill is one of my favorites for a reason.  He's funny, nice, and new enough to not make me feel like I'm behind the times on the whole integrated staff thing.  Bill's got the type of humor that works in my circle - sarcasm, cynicism, and complete silliness.  (Example. In our last meeting, Bill had Hulk Hands from another coworker Owen and proceeded to *smash* the wall to make the sounds go off).

I greeted him cheerily and received a well-meaning grunt in return - not the usual from one of the friendliest.  With a smile, I propelled up the staircase and struck up a conversation with the now frozen Bill.
"Wow, that was quite the greeting!" I said, laughing as Bill smirked and shrugged his shoulders.
"I haven't had my coffee yet.  I'm pretty much a zombie."

Now this is something I've heard more than once from coffee drinkers. No functioning until coffee is in the blood.

I could hear it in his voice.  That morning fatigue.  Non-Morning-People/Coffee-Drinkers tend to have gravely and deeper voices when I first speak to them, and it only improves as they pep up with Caffeine.  I gave Bill his ground and remarked that this was something I'd found pretty common.

"Well, it's the only form of an acceptable drug.  Society loves it, and I am an addict."

Are you like Bill?  Do you find that little coffee bean's juice to be the most addictive substance in your life?  Tell me about a time you've either BEEN or INTERACTED with a coffeeless zombie in the morning.  Any fun stories?

All who comment (and are following my blog) will be entered into a random drawing for the $10 Starbucks Gift Card.  Comment away!  You have until 12:00am PST to leave your comment and be entered!

* - This is based of popular opinion.
† - Names have been changed to protect the amused.

Rules for entry:

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  • Check back to see if you're the winner (winners will be posted on Facebook on my author page as well) 
  • If you did win, email me your address so I can send you your spoils!
  • Anyone winner who does not reply within 48 hours will forfeit their prize - so keep checking back!
  • Enjoy the party - it's about having fun!


Unknown said...

Most of my coworkers are zombies and I, like you, am a morning person. Similar story I excitedly greeted a bunch of pre-caffeinated coworkers to be hit with this remark: "there is an acceptable level of happy. You have far exceeded it."
Best comment from a normally chipper man!

Caleb Scotson said...

As a anti-morning person myself I am a firm believer that coffee is God's gift to mankind to apologize for mornings ;) As God did not create me to be alert in the mornings I use a nice warm cup to help me become alive. I am also a believer that God created none-morning people because... well its funny! Some can be downright rude and that is no fun, but the zombie like movements and sounds that come with the good ones are great fun to watch. My all time favorite "morning zombie" is one of the new interns and I know he is loved by others as Kelsey's grandpa has already picked on him about it!! My ideal morning would be getting to work, getting hot cup of coffee, and then following the "intern" around for about 30min just to observe. :)

Chad Flohr said...

I'm not too proud to beg... or enter a contest for free coffee!

Robin Harnist said...


Anonymous said...

I am a morning person too! Coffee helps with that for sure!!
-Carmen K.

Kelly Keating said...

I hate mornings. I love coffee. I gave up coffee two weeks ago. I hate everything... I think I'll go back to coffee :)

Anonymous said...

I am not a morning person and I like coffee. That's why for Christmas I want a Keurig coffee maker! :)

-Chelsea Skaggs

Autumn said...

Oh I am one of those morning zombies! The last Saturday that we were volunteering in the 4 year olds Alex informed David that his mommy really likes coffee! I even showed him how to operate the coffee pot so it's ready when I get up!

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Autumn I just laughed out loud reading your post! That is wonderful! What a son you have :)

Autumn said...

Hahaha! He is pretty great! :)

Bridgette said...

Mornings??? I'm fairly certain those are the things I try to avoid most days. Unless I see the first half of the morning. I'm not too fond of the second half. You know...the part that has sunlight. Not much of a coffee drinker either, but I admit...in the fall, I'm a bit addicted to Starbuck's Pumkin Spice Latte. Mmmm...

Garrett Heide said...

Yay coffee! Yay mornings!

Kelsey-plain and simple said...


Carmen...send me your address or I'll bring it the next time we meet :)