Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On a Scale of 1 to Eponine...

Last night, an awesome page on Facebook posted a hilarious meme.
(Warning. Book spoilers in here for: Hunger Games and Harry Potter)

Click the picture to see the fanpage :Everything is Coming Up Broadway

I got a good laugh out of it. It made me think of characters - literary, cinematic etc - in the varying levels of "the friendzone". 

It made everyone else think the same thing, and they started posting people who had it better (and maybe even worse) than Eponine. Snape's a good example of as bad or worse (he had to live with it longer, suffer longer, and see the results of his failure to make her his).

I reposted the image, as I thought it was so amusing. I captioned it with who I thought I might be.

I went with Gale and Stiles, somewhere between the two.  There's potential with both - after all, Gale almost got the girl. Stiles hasn't gotten Lydia yet, but that doesn't mean he won't. 

There's potential. I have potential.  It just doesn't usually work out.  Gale had potential, even a chance, but it wasn't in the cards.  That's me in my relationships, and I'm glad for it. I'm glad it didn't work out, as we weren't "meant to be" in that way.

But there's one or two where I'm hoping I'm Stiles on the verge of Gordo from Lizzy McGuire (he got the girl, you know).  I wouldn't mind being seen as more than just a friendly way.

Then again, if I got what I wanted, maybe I'd be singing the Civil Wars' "The One That Got Away". 

♫Wish you were the one that got away♪

Here's another funny friendzone post that I got a kick out of:

I laughed and laughed. Reposted it and said "I'm dating all of you, and also I'm cheating on all of you with everyone else."

I don't know why I get such a kick out of these.

Do you?
Where have you ended up on the friendzone scale in your lifetime?
Death unrequited a la Eponine? 
Or did you pull a Ron Weasley and show the world it IS worth the wait?


Katie Cross said...

I'd never actually heard of being friend zoned in my life until I read this.

It has happened to me, but nothing like Eponine.

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

That's funny, it seems I hear about it non stop! Eponine has it pretty bad...mainly because of that whole death thing ;)