Friday, June 14, 2013

The Wrath Of Ice Cream Withdrawals or Why My Dad is Awesome

Ben & Jerry's Brownie Chew Gooder Ice Cream.  The greatest ice cream known to this woman. Everything I've ever loved about ice cream bundled together in a neat little pint.

It's a Target exclusive. Didn't you know?

My first and only affair with this delectable treat was while in Scottsdale AZ for a Mumford & Sons concert. While the concert experience trumped the ice was in second (a far second, but still).

Upon returning to the cozy haven that is my hometown, after relishing in the cool breeze my state has in droves (while AZ has NONE), I knew I had to find that ice cream again.

Photo from the Concert of the beautiful Marcus Mumford
You see, I know I'm not going to find Marcus Mumford or the boys in Chardeau, but the ice cream...I thought that would be possible.
So I went to Target.
It wasn't at Target.
I checked Albertson's.
Walmart was also searched.

Wondering why it was so hard to locate, I went online. Google can tell you almost anything and is sometimes very accurate.  The interweb was where I learned of Target's exclusive hold on my dream treat. MINE must just have sold out.

Like any good web surfer, I went to the source. listed the ice cream, OBVIOUSLY, not sold online. However, there was a "find in store" button.

I clicked it.
Entered my zipcode.
Was given a list of Targets in my state.

The two (TWO) in my city had the following words listed next to their location:

Not Sold At This Location

I blacked out. Fainted, maybe. My world spun and I crashed to the ground, only to be found later in a pool of my own blood...

Okay, no. I didn't do any of the above. But man, did I pout. Pout. Pout. Pout.

So what does the fact that MY town doesn't SELL my awesome ice cream have to do with my dad being awesome?

Well let's head there.
My dad is awesome.  He just is.
He's one of those guys that's pretty willing to do anything for anyone who needs it, regardless of how inconvenient it is.  He worked ridiculously hard while my siblings and I were young so that he'd be able to give us things he didn't have.  He doesn't make promises he can't keep.  He LOVES going to movies and takes me to them whenever I have one I want to see (and pays for everything, despite me being an adult able to pay for myself).  He's good and he's kind.
He's logic. Like, Spock logic.  When I need to work through a situation, I go to him because I know he'll help me rationalize the best situation.

He is WICKED good with numbers. Scary good. "I'm kind of creeped out by how fast you just did that immense multiplication" type good.  (Ex. The other night he guessed a whole bunch of stats for a show before they appeared on the screen.  He does the math in his head and it 99% right 98% of the time.)

Enough of my gushing.
My awesome dad, who is awesome in his own right, is going on business trips next week. He's driving up to a few other cities in our state.

He's planning on taking a cooler of sorts, going to their targets (which list as In Stock) and buying me my Brownie Chew Gooder Ice Cream.
Picture from Christmas 2011

My dad is the best.

Father's day is almost here.  How awesome is your dad (or father-figure in your life)?  What's the BEST or coolest thing about your dad?
Let's celebrate dads :)


Bailey Karfelt said...

If I buy some of this ice cream and enjoy it for you, does Sunny get a buddy?? :P This is my shameless attempt to get another monkey!

Call Me Heretic said...

My dad drove me 31/2 hours (7 hours total) to Tosca's Iscariot signing.
Yeah, I think that about sums it up.

Kelsey-plain and simple said... are so right. That is awesome :)

Bailey. You are a monkey fiend. Maybe if you're good I'll bring you one in August

DM Kilgore said...

My dad is awesome because he's awesome. It would take all my life to define all the reasons why. I don't think I've ever seen this type of ice cream before. Such is life in a small town. =/

Caleb Scotson said...

When I was younger my dad would come and get me out of school so we could go golfing. He would not tell the school why I was leaving. They would ask and he would just say "I am picking up my son" and we would leave. It was awesome! And the other students would be jealous.

g/wendy said...


Josi said...

Hi there... I discovered your blog today after reading one of buzzfeed's Disney lists (the one about the Beauty and the Beast questions left unanswered). I loved it so much I started looking at older posts... I think I've been reading for over an hour now :o I just love your blog! I feel I can relate to you in a way... Weird, right? I feel like you just get me... I'm 17, by the way and I live in Argentina (so please excuse english mistakes...)
After reading this post about your dad I just HAD to comment because de best dad in the universe is my own, of course :3
Yours reminded me somewhat of mine, he's logic and EXTREMELY smart... My dad is somewhat of a nerd and a computer geek... He never got to graduate but now he's back to school studying LAW (after a whole life of working with computer programming and web design) because he wants to get a better job so he can afford more stuff for me and my seven siblings... :D (How awesome is that?) My daddy goes to any lengths for us... When I started playing piano he got most of his savings and bought the BEST piano he could afford... And when I started playing the cello he bought one for me. And on my birthday this year he told me that I hadn't asked for anything and I said that's because I don't need anything, you can just give me whatever you like... He saw me looking at this very expensive fountain pen (I too enjoy writing and dream with being published) and you know what? HE BOUGHT IT... Of course the most amazing things he's done for us aren't just buying stuf... He's always ALWAYS there... For all eight of us, he's amazing... I'd DIE without him... I mean, REALLY... Plus he just GETS me, I mean he just does, he lnows how I feel , what I'm going to say before I even say it... He's awesome...
Oh, and your awesome too... I love you blog and I love your crazy :D

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Josi - that's amazing! Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm so glad you have such a great dad!

Come by any time and read my posts. You're too sweet. Keep going after your dream of writing and you'll get there.

Thanks again for stopping by! I just love your comment!