Friday, June 7, 2013

And The Winner Is...

Katie Cross!!!

Katie takes the first prize win for the 5 blog blitz!  Our lovely first prize consists of all these goodies PLUS a neon monkey:

True to my word, there will be a second runner up who gets a CR Smith CD, a little something from Israel, and a monkey as well.  Who is THIS lucky person? I will tell you right now :)

Donna Kilgore!

Donna and Katie, please contact me with your info so I can send you your treats! Also, Katie you need to pick which $10 gift card you would like.

Now I don't want to leave you all with the sadness of defeat, so I am going to let you in on another give away going on from now until Sunday.

Follow this link to the blog where you can enter to win an ebook bundle from author Karen Amanda Hooper!

For those who still want a bit more from's a book review for an upcoming novel that I know you'll love.

Warrior of the Ages book review:

What is there to say about S.R. Karfelt's Warrior of the Ages? Sheer genius, that's what.
When I first nabbed a copy of this book and read the back cover blurb I thought "Immortal Warrior protecting his world and people from a far too instinctual blonde bombshell? Count me in."

Falling deeply in love with the characters was something I didn't know to expect. I ping-ponged between Kahtar - our immortal hero - and Beth - the woman who would ruin everything he's worked for. Several times I stopped to ask myself "Whose side am I on, anyway?" only to dive back in for more.

Kahtar is the epitome of duty, honor, and steely intimidation while Beth encompasses my vision of an intellectual woman with a loving heart.
Opposing clans, murdering rogue warriors, and bloodline prejudice threaten to tear apart everything they've fought for and drive a wedge in between the two already clashing individuals.
Duty has been the only thing Kahtar has ever fought for. Beth White offers something more, something he'd never thought possible. Choosing her truth might unravel everything Kahtar holds dear.

But the question remains:
How far would you go to protect what's yours?

Not Actual Cover*
Warrior of the Ages comes out August 15th. You can guarantee I'll be talking about it - as will many others. Stay tuned!

If you liked this giveaway/blog blitz, let me know. I'm always willing to do another! I'm thinking maybe in August. Hint. Hint.

*Official cover not released yet.


DM Kilgore said...

WHOOO HOOOO! I do love those neon monkeys. ;)

I can't wait for WOA - you lucky beta reader you!

Thanks Kelsey- I enjoyed your travel experiences. Some day, I must overcome my fear of flying.

Katie Cross said...


This is so exciting!

I'll message you my info. Thanks Kelsey! You rock. (I'msoexcitedIgettaneonmonkey!)