Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dream Big

This is an Ode to the Young and Aspiring Writer
(Or, a letter to those in the same boat as me).

Sometimes I find it hard to write.  Sometimes I can't stop writing.  The same two sentences could be applied to reading, dancing (though that's an informal disjointed thing I do myself), singing (which I am terrible at), eating, laughing, sleeping, and acting--though acting is hardly ever in the first sentence.

I recently went and saw a musical performed at the local theatre with a friend, and I must say I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  I love acting.  I love the stage and I miss it when I am away.  I have been away for a very long time--too long.  As fun as it would be to be paid to do something I love so much, I never actually considered even attempting it.  I never believed it possible.  I'm not a good enough actress to make it in California or New York.  I never questioned that.

But is my dream job just as unrealistic?  Is it just as ridiculous for me to want to be a published author?  I want it so bad--I want it more than almost anything else.  The only thing that has ever competed in my desires to be published is to be a wife and mom--and that is something I've always just assumed I will have one day.

I'm going to a writers' conference in August.  A conference being held by my hero/favorite/genius author.  If I could have a mentor in my craft I would choose him.  We don't write similar stories, but I want to emulate myself to write like him--to put all of my passion into my writing as he does, and to succeed.  I want to be published/supported/read etc.  I am going to this conference with 100 others who probably feel just as I do about Mr. Ted Dekker.  100 other writers who want nothing more than what I want; those who dream as I dream.

But are there only 100 others who want what I want?  Am I competing against 100 other candidates for my future?  No, of course not. 

I'm competing against hundreds of thousands.

So who says I am any good?  Who says I can hack it?  Who says I can have my dream?  Who says that I can have all I have ever wanted and more? Who says that anyone will want to read my story?  I do.  I say that I can do it.  I am often discouraged, downtrodden, depressed, and defeated by the rejection letters I get on a regular basis.  But I don't give up.  I have around 20 rejection letters from agents telling me that they don't want the same things I do--I.E. they don't want to see me published!

And yet, my friends and readers, we can't let this stop us.  We can't let the world tell us "no" anymore than we can allow a day to go by without smiling! 

Whatever your rejection might be--whatever people are saying you 'can't' do...ignore them.  Unless the thing you desire is literally impossible (like, traveling through time) then I say to try your best.  Maybe you'll find in the end that it isn't actually what you wanted, and then you will smile and move on.  But what if it is YOUR LOVE FOR LIFE and you passed on it, simply because you were too scared to try?

No, my friends.  Dare to try.  I think I will go send out some more Query letters, most of which (if not all) will be replied with a bold rejection.  That is life.  Life is full of rejection, but if you give'll never go anywhere or get anything, will you?

Good luck to all those who are like me.  Good luck to everyone who wants to be published.  Hopefully we will get our wishes.

I'm thinking of doing something fun in the future--maybe a little giveaway.  As the things  Probably a book---and anyone who knows me knows which book and probably already has it ;)  So when this goes down, tell your friends!  I would like a good turn out and to be able to give some cool stuff away!

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