Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damsel or Demolisher

DISCLAIMER: Any and all names/stories I put in this specific blog are just thoughts from my head.  They aren't in any way connected to another story.  They are just two different scenarios of two different kinds of women.

I love a fantastic story.  I want to read about or watch something that entertains me to no end.  My favorite is a good Suspense/Thriller OR Fantasy story with an interesting main plot, and an intriguing romantic subplot. 

This being said, I've come to find several new aspects of the female character that bother me.  Too often women fall into one of two categories: Juliet or Iona.

Juliet--The name I give to women who are the epitome of helpless.  I pick it because of my hatred for Romeo and Juliet.  The woman who has no strength, no bravery.  She whines and cries--her life is terrible and she can do nothing to stop it.  Juliet is a wimp.  I have no respect for her character.  When her man (her knight in shining armor) is fighting against the villain, she watches and cries and worries.  Sure, her lover's sword has just fallen at her feet, but what could she possibly do with a sword?  She can't even hand it back to him, because that would mean she'd be doing something dangerous...
I can get vile. Really I can.  Juliet is weak, pathetic, whiny, pointless, and a waste of a good page in a book.  I always want to warn the man to run from a Juliet character.  Can't you envision their future?  One wrong move, and Juliet's man will be dead, because she couldn't bother to help him:

Juliet stood watching while Javier fought with the evil Dr. Ing.  Javier's sword lay at her feet, where it had flung from his hand.  There was also a gun sitting right beside her on the table. Juliet cried out for Javier to be careful, wishing he would stop preventing Dr. Ing from stabbing him in the heart and come over to her and get the gun or the sword--how would he continue to protect her without them?

Pathetic and annoying.  The exact opposite of Juliet though, is Iona.  I'm all for women's rights and blah blah blah, but I can't stand a SuperWoman character.  I don't appreciate when a woman can save herself, by herself, and doesn't need anyone ever.  I also  don't like when the man needs her to come and save him.  Iona loses the feminine touch.  She also will lose her man...since emasculating men doesn't generally go well with them.  They were created to be strong for women, not to be made to feel weak and powerless.  And while am I at it...I do not appreciate a male character who can take on 30 guys all by himself, so why on earth would I ever accept a woman doing it?  Now look at the same type of scenario from before, but the type with a girl like Iona.

Iona fought her way through all 30 of Dr. Ing's henchmen, killing them with her various versions of karate moves, swordsmanship, and devastatingly good looks.  Javier, still being held captive in a cage, completely defenseless and unable to assist her at all, watched as Iona advanced to save him.  Finally, with all of the thirty men knocked out or dead, Iona broke the lock on the cage with a chop of her hand.  Javier, too weak to walk, was lifted onto her shoulders so that she could make her way to safety.  As she turned to leave, Dr. Ing came at her, and with Javier still on her back, she fought to the death.

Neither woman is right.  It's the same way that we don't like a man who is only sensitive or a man who is only brute strength.  There is always a happy medium.  Cammie is that happy medium.  She might be a spy with killer training, but she fails...a lot.  She doesn't always succeed and while sometimes she gets the guy out of the jam, there are just as many times where he saves her. 

I don't understand why some women say they don't want to be saved.  I don't know why some women are so offended by the idea of a gentleman.  What is wrong with having the door opened for you, or a chair pulled out for you?  And, really, do you have a problem with a free dinner?  I don't!  I see nothing wrong with chivalry.  I see nothing wrong with being shown love and affection by a man who, if this were medieval times, would enter a jousting tournament for a chance to kiss me.

Why don't women want to be saved anymore?  Why don't men want to do the saving?  Where has this idea of women being the pursuers come in?  I feel it is entirely backwards!    I want nothing more than to be pursued by a man.  I want him to show me that I'm worth working for.  I don't expect the ridiculous.  I don't assume a guy will jump through hoops or always pay for everything of mine, or have to be perfect in any way.  I only want someone who is going to do as God intended--to be the man in the relationship, the leader, the strength. 

Am I crazy?  Is it weird or wrong of me to want to be pursued? To get to be the girl waiting for her knight in shining armor--IE the guy who's cute and funny and makes a point to have conversation with me.  The guy who sees me sitting across the room, and instead of me having to go to him, he makes his way towards me. 

I end with a bit of advice mixed in with a story.  Not being a guy, I didn't really understand the inner turmoil that goes through a guy who wants to go talk to a girl.  I once had the chance to watch a group of guys coach a younger guy to go talk to a girl. It took them around a half an hour to convince him to go strike up a conversation.  My advice, to any male who is reading this, is to go for it.  I know it's scary. I know you don't want to be rejected, but the truth is, the girls is waiting for you to come talk to her.  She's waiting for you to make the first move.  You can do it!!!
And girls, be patient.  The guy who actually gets up the strength to come talk to you is way more worth it.  If you make the first move...what message does that send?  Why should he ever have to make a move if he knows you're going to make them?  Don't make boys lazy...make them work for it.  It's actually what they are made to do.

I can't  wait to be "saved" by my hero.  I can't wait for the guy who wants to make an effort to get to know me, to find out why we work together.  True love is worth waiting for, right?  I think so.  I hope I'm not alone.

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