Saturday, September 6, 2014

Talk Nerdy to Me

I may not be the biggest Lady Nerd in the universe, but that doesn't change my love for some pretty dorky things.

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Recently I've seen an influx in tv shows and movies discussing grand romantic gestures:

  • The girl tells the guy her favorite part of Pretty Woman is when he climbs the fire escape to show his love.  
  • The guy tells the girl it's unrealistic and normal people would have used the front door and the elevator.
  • In the end, the guy climbs up the girl's fire escape, because he knows she'd go to mush for it.
Things like that.

I thought about it, and I can't think of anything I'd like someone to do for me that would win me over like that.  I might laugh, thank him, and have a fun moment...but if I'm not interested, the gesture will fall flat.

Then I started thinking about the things I love.  Know what? I love Sci-fi and Fantasy...Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the like.  So I did a little bit of a search and I found something fun.

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I don't get pick up lines. 
I understand them, but I don't get them.

At least, until I saw a few of these gems. So, internetland, if you want to make me smile, you can use these.

First up, Lord of the Rings.  You know the way to this Hobbit's heart.  While I love what Sam's got going here, we all know it's Smeagol who has the right line. 

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Because who could say no to THAT face?

I'm pretty sure my reaction would be the same as Hermione's...but I love a good Slytherin joke.

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And the winner of all winners...the quickest way to any nerd-girl's heart.
Go for Han Solo.
Winner winner. Via tumblr

Pretty sure if anyone ever tells me they love me, my response will be "I know." 

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Natalie Pierson said...

Yes, geek pick-up lines would warm my nerdy heart, too. I hear ya.