Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beginning Again

January is well under way.  By this time of the New Year, we've begun separating those dedicated to their "resolutions" and those who were making them just for something to do December 31st.

I didn't make any this year.  I always have goals, but those are monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily.  This year I am doing The Firm Express workout, because I got it for Christmas, it's fun, and I have to do SOMETHING healthy.  I have been successful halfway through the program.  I plan to finish out strong.

I plan to write more books this year.  I don't give myself a number, because I don't want to A)Limit my brain to anything it could supersede and B)I don't want to disappoint myself by over reaching.

I started a new book this last weekend - I hope to finish it by the end of February. That's a goal. My editor has the first book I wrote last year, and when she's done with it, I will send it in for another round of queries. I also need to edit/rewrite book 2 from last year.

See what I mean?

Goals or Resolutions can be deceptive.  If you focus too much on the quantified outcome, you can miss the joy of the process.  I love writing. I set goals so I don't write aimlessly (and because I'm competitive with myself), but I don't want to focus so much on finishing the books that I miss writing them.

I once knew someone so competitive he couldn't enjoy the game being played.  Everything came down to winning - to the point of rage.  What fun is it to play a board game with friends if you're going to blow a gasket when someone knocks you off the board? (Sorry. I'll show YOU sorry!)

Life can be like that. Not the board game. Actual life.  We're always clawing to get to the top, but in the end, we all reach the same fate.  Everything on this Earth with a beginning has an ending. That's how we were created.
So instead of shoving everyone and everything out of my way to meet my goals, I'm trying to remember one thing this year.

Every person you meet is an eternal being.  They matter.

It's harder to push someone aside when you really look at them.  It's harder to focus solely on your goal when you take a breath to look around and see the world you're in.

That's just my observation.  As always, you're welcome to disagree :).

Tell me your goals - and tell me how you'll enjoy the process of getting to them.
P.S. Wondering about the pictures?  Two of my favorites from the blog last year.


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Bailey Karfelt said...

I don't make New Years resolutions because I never remember in time...however, I do make lists year-round of everything I want to do, from new recipes to new crafts to things I want to save my money for, etc. It's like the ultimate bucket list, but divided into many, many categories. I keep meaning to put work out onto it, but I'm too lazy to start a new one... :P

PS, I'm a NEW follower, and I love monkeys! Just saying...

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Welcome Bailey! You know...someone else in your family is getting a monkey. Maybe I just accidentally put two in the package...

I love that you have a continuing list. I think that's far more worth while!

LaDonna said...

I don't make resolutions either. I don't jump on the fad diet band wagons at the beginning of the year. I don't set myself up for failure. I do try to make good choices daily and tempt myself with incentives along the way.

I like goals. I want to travel more and splurge on incidentals less. I want to publish a book this year, one way or another. I want to sell my house and downsize to a small apartment or condo.

Those are my goals and I have broken them down into bite sized plans that will lead me to accomplish them.


Kelsey-plain and simple said...

I love your goals LaDonna! I look forward to you meeting them all - especially publishing the book so I can read it!

One of my goals this year might be to promote the heck out of all the good books you guys are planning to publish ;)

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt said...

Pop Tarts. Can I make a resolution about Pop Tarts in April?
And thanks for my wickedly awesome green monkey, famous blogger.
(And my goal is to get these books EDITED and READY, and to be able to run a 5K without losing all feeling in my legs.)