Monday, August 1, 2011


As I sit here, staring at my computer screen, I'm a bit at a loss for words.  I have experienced so see I don't even have the words now.  So much good has happened in the past few days.

For the first time, I jumped in as a leader at Encounter--a youth conference for high schoolers.  I can easily say it was one of the best experiences of my life--an eye opener for me.  I saw God move in my life and in the lives of so many students.  I saw things that a part of my thought only happened back in "Bible times".  It was so insanely wonderful.  I think I cried at least once every day.  God is so good--so wonderful.  I am so blessed.

I really can't go into words!  Then after a filled insane "Oh my gosh" week...I went to the GREATEST wedding I've ever experienced.  My friends Becky and Matt were married in one of the best ceremony/reception compounds in all of the world. 

The reason this matters, the reason I mention it, is because I usually HATE wedding receptions.  Ceremonies are fine, but receptions are (in my opinion) a torture device used against single women.  I generally sit and watch a whole bunch of couples dance and be happy while I wish I was out there with them.  It isn't even about being a couple--it's about the fun I miss out on because I'm not one. It's like...single people can't have fun at weddings.

However, this wedding was different.  Instead of sitting and being wall-flowers, the single girls (and the married ones) were all on the dance floor having the TIME of our LIVES.  My mom, her friends, my friends, sorority sisters and even grandmothers were strutting their stuff to whatever song came through the speakers.  We danced until we couldn't move any longer.  And when the slow songs came up, I did what every older friend would do for her younger ones.  I went to the younger guys at the wedding and told them to do their duty.  They were responsible to their friends--I didn't want to see a whole ton of Mr. Darcys, refusing to dance with the ladies.

The men arose to the occasion!  I was proud to see them dancing to all sorts of songs--upbeat and slow--and keeping the girls feeling as beautiful on the inside as they looked on the outside.  A man my own age (or close to it) was nice enough to even do that kind service for me--to ask my to dance and make me feel pretty.

Men don't realize what it means when they ask a girl to dance.  When she works so hard to look beautiful--be it a wedding, a school dance, or a random night where they go dancing.  We try so hard to look desirable--to look like something worth noticing.  When we aren't, well, I can say from experience that it will ruin more than just an evening.  There is something in being noticed.  To see someone smile at you as he offers his hand.  I can say that my friend made me feel special.  And the guys made my girlfriends feel beautiful.

I apologize, but I am now going to COMPLETELY change topics.  This is a little "blog a.d.d." for you!

I just watched "The Glee Project" and saw a TOTAL Jesus move!  Christian candidate Cameron sacrificed himself to stand up for his beliefs.  In doing so, he saved Damian (my personal favorite). 
Maybe it's just my own personal beliefs making me biased, but seeing Cameron choose to go home so that Damian would stay nearly broke my heart.  Then, knowing it was because he was unwavering in what he knew was right for him--gosh.  I can't get over the awesome heart wrenching inspiration.

So I guess I end where I started.  No shame here when I say I'm a believer of Christ.  He died for me (and you too!).  I may be deemed "over emotional" because the smallest sweet thing can make me tear up.  However, I think that maybe I just have a big soft heart! 

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Jessica said...

The wedding was by far the most WONDERFUL experience!! Such a perfect night!