Thursday, May 15, 2014


No, really. It is.
That isn’t a “fill in this. What’s coming?” sort of game.
BLANK: A Shieldmaiden’s Voice is HERE!

Anytime a sequel (or in this case, prequel) of a book I love is going to be released, I get excited.
This is different.
This is THE book.
It’s MY book.
Not like I wrote it “mine”, but like…that book that belongs to me.
*Notices the blank stares at the computer screen from our readers*
How about this – BLANK is to Kelsey as Chocolate is to S.R. Karfelt, the author who wrote it.
NOW it’s sinking in. This book is my catnip. It’s one of those stories that has buried itself down deep and become part of my soul. Carole Blank is my friend, which is a hard thing to do, as Carole doesn’t have many friends.
Carole Blank is the reason I’m called a Shieldmaiden. She’s the reason I’m brave enough to start my own Manuscript Critique Business.
Carole Blank and I are, at the same time, NOTHING alike and the exact same person.
Let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, a meek, quiet girl with short blonde hair went to a writer’s conference. For the first time in her life, she ventured out on her own into the scariest environment known to her: people like herself.
Thankfully, the girl survived the weekend, occasionally catching the eye of one woman, who would always smile at her and turn away. At the airport, returning home from her trip, the girl caught sight of the woman, recognizing her from the conference.
“Go say hello, then. The whole point is to connect with other authors!” her mom said, because let’s be honest…the girl went to the conference alone, but didn’t travel across the country alone.
Begrudging bringing her mother for the first time, the girl stood and approached the other author, a woman named S.R. Karfelt.  As would be expected when one author meets another, they were pleasant, kind, and likely a bit awkward in their conversation.
Months later, still in 2011, after most of those at the small conference had reunited in a group on Facebook, S.R. Karfelt admitted something to the girl.
“When I first saw you, I thought you were my character Carole Blank come to life. You look just like her.”
Startled and a bit thrilled, the girl accepted this compliment as well as the chance to be a reader of Carole Blank’s story.
Thus began my love affair with the story of BLANK.  I suppose part of it might be vanity – this is me! – but the main reason I love this story is because I love to see Carole grow. So often we see a chunk of a character’s life, a span of days or months. Carole we get to know early on and see her transformation. She faces much of what we all face – the desire to belong.
Carole Blank is stronger than I am. She’s fierce and powerful. She’s a shieldmaiden. For those of you who are smart/fortunate enough to have read Warrior of the Ages, Carole won’t be a new character to you. Her story, though, will open your eyes.
Join me and the many others who are already touting BLANK’s praise – you won’t regret it.
Photo Credit: S.R. Karfelt

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